frankie cosmos, “duet”

makin a list 
of people to kiss 
the list is a million YOUs long 
just YOUs all the way down 

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Where Shura has previously wowed us with her emotive songwriting capabilities, new track ‘Indecision’ is much more hook and consequently pop focused. Not a million miles away from today’s Paperwhite track, ‘Indecision’ has Shura using her clearly excellent production skills to make yet another 80s pop indebted, thoroughly danceable jam. 

As is so often the way, you wait ages for some quality synth pop and then two great songs come along on the same day! I’ve posted about Paperwhite before, and their M83 inspired jam ‘Magic’ in particular looms large in my memory. ‘Pieces’ is in a similar mould, but instead of emphasising a strong chorus, this song uses a driving percussive beat and propulsive hook to create momentum that lasts throughout the song, proving the Paperwhite are more than just one trick ponies.

(I’m posting this direct from Soundcloud, so hopefully it comes out ok!)

TOKiMONSTA is unusual among music producers in that she’s female, but much more important than that is the fact that she creates eminently listenable dance-pop tunes from her privileged position behind the mixing desk. Taken from the Desiderium EP, ‘Realla’ (ft. Anderson Paak) is an RnB slowburner of the highest order.

I don’t know if it’s because I’m learning to rollerskate right now, but ‘From the Night’ is sounding pretty great to me right now. Coming to a roller disco near you soon!

How did this song pass me by? Move over Ariana Grande.

The Aislers Set just came out with reissues for their three albums from the early 2000s, and now is as fine a time as any to get into their wondrous fairytale pop as any. Don’t let the monochrome cover art fool you, ‘Balloon Song’ is about as bright and colourful as you’d expect a song about cute floaty things to be, which is to say very. 

Y’all can get your indie-pop fix right now courtesy of Slumberland.

Home to some of the finest grooves I’ve heard this year, Mr Twin Sister’s S/T is a thrilling, captivating listen from start to finish. Loving the playful gender ambiguity in the lyrics too.


New AlunaGeorge!

"Supernatural" by AlunaGeorge

Sorry I’ve been mostly MIA this week. Things are popping. But back to the music: I already love this more than everything else on Body Music, and I LOVED Body Music. I love the relative simplicity of the music, making for a more perfect match with Aluna’s voice. And yet, we can still dance to the music. That’s exactly what I want when listening to an AlunaGeorge track. 

This is great isn’t it? Fantastic song!

Loving the dreamy haze of Puro Instinct’s new track ‘6 of Swords’. I’ve been looking forward to a follow up to 2011’s Headbangers in Ecstasy for a while, and this taste of what’s to come has me even more excited! Hopefully we’ll have the new album before the year’s out.