Anyone who has fallen for Cathedrals will be pleased to hear that they’ve released their debut ep, the functionally named Cathedrals EP. I still think that ‘Harlem’ is probably the exemplar track here, but frankly the rest of the EP is good enough to shame many of their contemporaries. As a showcase of this project’s worth, the Cathedrals EP is an ample demonstration of Cathedrals’ talent.


Allo Darlin’ - Kiss Your Lips

any pop song that references El Scorcho is ok in my book. this is the sweetest song.

It’s been a while since I’ve changed the cover image on the blog, so I figured I’d show some love to the relentlessly wonderful Hello Saferide and her/their new album The Fox, The Hunter And Hello Saferide. Watch the video for lead single ‘I Was Jesus’ above.

We’re basically at the point of being a pseudo fansite for Fickle Friends, who dropped their latest track ‘For You’ yesterday. It betrays a gentle electronic influence that was previously undetectable and has the feel of a slower burning album track rather than the adrenaline rush of their earlier singles.

That said, the peppy guitar licks and pop potency of their two previous singles are still in enough evidence to make this an enjoyable and engaging listen. 

Enjoying the classical heartbreak ballads of Bank’s Goddess this week, despite the unnecessarily sexualising cover art. I suppose the only disappointing thing is we’ve heard a lot of the tracks before. I think ‘Drowning’ is my favourite post-London cut, but the album’s consistently strong from start to finish. 

Your soundcloud feed is probably littered with reblogs of this song already, but I wouldn’t know since my account’s been hacked and probably deleted. Fortunately I’m familiar enough with Tala’s work to say this is probably her best work so far, and it’d be more than worth your while to spend another 3 minutes listening to the syrupy, heady goodness that is ‘Black Scorpio’. 


video :: BEA - “We’re Like The Hard Born”

I think it’s only a matter of time before we find out that BEA is actually that dog and the woman in the video is just her sister or something.

If you listen to one new album this week, let it be this one. Breathtaking.

Not straying too far from the twee pop for people who aren’t horrible people theme brings us to Class Actress, who unleashed their new song ‘Let Me Take You Out’ to an unsuspecting (and as yet, largely unlistening) public a couple days ago. This doesn’t have quite the bad-ass power of ‘Journal of Ardency' for me, but it's certain up my alley - hopefully there's more to come soon.

I was perhaps a bit premature in implying that there is absolutely nothing worth listening to being released right now; I’ve just fallen for the irresistible charms of School’s debut single. ’So Long’ is a cut of Post-Wild Nothing pop that has that twee quality of ‘if you don’t like it then you’re just a bad person’, so you should probably listen to check your not one of those terrible and unfortunate people.