Similar to Ashley Eriksson’s ColoursBright and Vivid simply oozes warmth and charm. Basically the aural equivalent of mulled wine, Calder’s second album still has enough poppy infectiousness to keep you coming back, and back, and back…

As you might have gathered, I’ve been spending much of the past month or so waiting for the release schedules to pick up so I have something to post, so rather than do nothing I thought I’d post some of the not new stuff I’ve come across recently. And after finding myself moaning along to Chastity Belt’s No Regerts album earlier today, what better place to start? ‘Black Sail’ sounds rather divine live, wouldn’t you say?

I wanted to find a stream of ‘Champions of Red Wine’ to celebrate the release of Brill Bruisers (which came out yesterday), but there isn’t one up anywhere at the moment, so instead enjoy this cover of ‘Adventures in Solitude’ for The New Gay from 2010!

On selfishness and being scared.


It’s been a heavy week. A few days ago we lost one of our heroes, someone who was better than anyone else at reminding us to hold onto laughter when it gets dark. I’ve heard members of the choir murmur “suicide is selfish” in passing. I imagine we’ll be hearing it a lot more, and that’s a shame. It’s also not true. First it was tutted at LAX by a woman watching TMZ. Anonymous commenters on news sites. Little burps on twitter. A well-meaning friend to me over text. I don’t mean to diminish in any way the serious business of taking one’s life, but what about a dialogue that didn’t rest on the axis of “selfishness?” For many the suicidal state is involuntary. You get there because you feel trapped in a corner. You get there because you can’t see any other way out. Being told it is a selfish thing to do reinforces feelings of helpless- and hopelessness while driving the discussion away from what is most important: helping people who are seriously ill receive treatment. Depression moors you on an island where you can’t feel anything beyond pain, can’t see what lies ahead. It’s not a fog, it’s a white out. It’s a brutal illness. I know from experience.

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And so we come to the final part of our singles roundup for the first half of 2014. This one features a couple of tracks from our previous winter/spring playlist, but also new songs from F(x), Allie X and Tala among others. We hope you like it!

Forgive me for waiting a day to post the new Tennis song: this is great stuff!


"Romance and Adventure" by Allo Darlin’ // We Come From the Same Place (Out October, 2014 via Slumberland)

This October sees the return of the London based indie poppers Allo Darlin’ who will release their new LP, We Come From the Same Place through the always reliable Slumberland Records. In the two years since the band last dropped some of their lovely, sophisticated pop gems, the band has underwent some life changes (marriage, moving, success), and in turn have developed a more mature, nuanced sound. The first single is the jangle pop beauty, “Romance and Adventure”, which carries a propulsive energy that serves the tracks’ breathless romanticism well. Of course, fans of the band’s earlier material won’t be left out in the cold, as the band’s infectious melodies and dreamy pop production are still front and center. Highly recommended for fans of Belle & Sebastian, Camera Obscura, and El Perro del Mar.

I think they should just amend that to ‘Highly Recommended.’

Here’s the second set of scintillating singles from the first half of 2k14. This is the marginally quieter collection of songs, but still features killer tracks from King Avriel, Doss and Sales to mention just a few, so it’s well worth a look! Stay tuned for more later this week.


Listen to “Sick Beat,” a highlight from Kero Kero Bonito’s forthcoming album Intro Bonito.

This is the stuff!

I’ve finished sifting through the blog posts and soundcloud likes from the past year and come up with this, the first of three tentative ‘Favourites’ playlists for this year so far. Featuring tracks from Tennis, Arc Iris, Locke to say the least, this playlist is nominally more poppy than the other two, but we hope that doesn’t put you off! 

Plenty more to come later on this week.